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Difference Between a Blog and Website

What is the Difference Between a Blog and Website

A common question searched online today is, what is the difference between a Blog and a Website. There are so many similarities that it has many people confused.

Basically, a Blog engages an audience by building a following and a Website offers constant detail. Knowing the difference will help you decide if you want to have a Blog or Website or while browsing the internet you will know which is the difference.

Similarities between a Blog and a Website: 

  • Both are technically a website as they each have a distinctive web address and can be built with the same technology.
  • Both target a precise audience.
  • Both regularly contain videos, links, pictures etc.
  • Both can be set up with FREE software ex: WordPress.
  • Both are hosted on a server and are accessible from around the world.
  • Both can be a portion of each other and can have a subscription form.

Features of a Blog: 

  • They are managed by either a single editor or and editorial group (the progression is within the potency and ingenuity of the editor or group of editors).
  • They entail basically of articles (articles are posted daily, weekly, or monthly this is the most important feature of a blog).
  • They have a comment form (at the bottom of the article there is a box that you can share your thoughts of the content).
  • They are educational and informational (sharing information that is education, informational or personal is the purpose of the blog).
  • The content is updated on a regular basis (it is critical that no matter how often you post, it should be fresh and consistently posted).

Features of a Website: 

  • Content is constant (basically they consist of product and information which is constant and not updated regularly).
  • The only way to interact is with a live chat option (normally the company customer service is available to live chat with the audience or a constant interaction of a contact form by sending a message or a phone number listed to make a call).
  • Content is mainly informational and strictly about their product and or services (again the content is constant and based on the product or information regarding services unless a blog is set in).
  • They normally have a very professional appearance (since the targeted audience is like organizations).
  • Most businesses have a website (the business is attracting a targeted organization where as a blog is normally targeting individuals or publishing companies).


Basically, a Blog’s content is directed toward an individual and is updated on regular basis where as a Website is directed toward organizations and the content is constant. There are two ways you can create a Blog or a Website in WordPress.

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