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How To Start a Blog Or a Website

How to Start a Blog or a Website

Things you need before you install WordPress:

There are a few steps needed before you can install WordPress and start building your blog or website.

Every blog and website must have a domain name and be hosted on a web server.

We are going to give you a step by step guide on what you will need.

  1. Pick a domain name for your blog or website.
  2. Sign up for web hosting.
  3. Install WordPress.

Before your blog or website can be viewed by people all around the world there are two requirements.

  • Domain Name – The part of a network address that identifies it as belonging to a domain. It is your blog or website name that people type in the browser to visit the site. Example wpherocoder.com
  • Hosting – A hosting provider is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the blog or website to be viewed from the internet. The web hosting provider allocates space on a web server for a blog or website to store its files.

Pick a domain name for you blog or website.

You will need to come up with a name and then register that name. The process is called registering for a domain name.

We recommend using GoDaddy, wpherocoder.com was registered through GoDaddy. You can also register your domain name through Network Solutions.

When purchasing a domain name from a company like GoDaddy. You will not have to purchase any of their hosting plans, you can choose another self-hosted company.

What this means is that you can register a domain name for example through GoDaddy and have your website hosted on SiteGround or a similar hosting company.

SiteGround also sells domain names, you will have that option when you purchase your hosting plan.

Sign up for web hosting.

SiteGround offers four web hosting platforms. Our recommendation is the Managed WordPress Hosting.

You will have three different plans to choose from. Startup, GrowBig and GoGeek.

It will depend on what you plan to do with your blog or website as to which plan to purchase.

We chose the GrowBig plan because you can host more than one blog or website and you have room to grow your traffic.

You have the option to choose up to 36 months for $5.95 per month.

After you pay for the hosting plan you will need to setup your DNS on GoDaddy.

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Your hosting company will give you a set of numbers which are called Name Servers.

You will then login to your GoDaddy account, find the DNS area, then copy and paste the Name Servers from the self-host company.

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Install WordPress.

Next you will need to get WordPress installed. Head over to our guide on how to install WordPress website for step by step instructions.